TORONTO TRANSIT COMMISSION – uses Kelmar® to waterproof their numerous electrical sub stations in their subway systems. They use Kelmar® in the upper surfaces and then cover it with a 10-inch thick slab of concrete to ensure long-term protection.

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL – The Montreal-based world famous performance company uses EMBE® epoxies to coat the stage sections in their North American operations. These movable sections use our tough epoxies to coat the floors they perform on. According to their purchasing people they searched to find the epoxy with the best long term durability and came to R & D for their needs.

JINN MAO BUILDING IN SHANGHAI CHINA – Kelmar® FWC was chosen for the parking deck protection in the Jinn Mao building in Shanghai after a thorough search for the best system of traffic toppings. Spiker Baldwin of Atlanta Georgia, recommended Kelmar® after discussions with R & D.

UN BUILDING IN NEW YORK – one of the most recognized buildings in the world is protected with Kelmar® FWC in its garage. FWC was chosen over competitive Urethane systems because it is odourless. No other system is allowed in the garage since they can’t have sessions interrupted due to odours.


LINCOLN CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS – including the Julliard School of Music – Kelmar® T.E. was installed in the Lincoln Center in 1991 and has now been re-coated once. Just another great example of the long-term durability of Kelmar.

UNIVERSITIES – Kelmar® systems are the product of choice for Parking structures for many well known Universities including, Harvard, Yale, University of Pittsburgh, University of Iowa, University of Oklahoma, Stowers Medical Institute, Tulane University, Yeshiva University, and the University of West Virginia.

WEST EDMONTON MALL – Our pool paint was used in the huge wave pool in the West Edmonton Mall -- one of the largest indoor swimming pools in the world. We are one of the largest pool paint manufacturers in Canada.

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